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Acronym Finder: Web abbreviations and symbols.
Acronymns: Acronym list for ebay.
Add an interactive poll to your website: Tadpolls are the, fast, easy, and free way to add interactivity to any website. Everyone has an opinion, and tadpolls.Com can track those opinions with the simple click of a button. You pick the question to ask and the answers for voters to choose from. It takes only few minutes to add a poll to your website.
Affiliate Program: By becoming an ebay affiliate, you will earn cash, introduce your site visitors to the tremendous value and selection of ebay, and be a part of the team that is building the world's largest trading community.
Antique Board's Links: Antique board's helpful links (great info on antiques).
AVG Free Antivirus: Use our unique offer - avg 6.0 free edition. Download, install and use avg 6.0 anti-virus system to reliably protect your computer and data free of charge.
Banner Creation Services: If you'd like to make a simple banner for a banner exchange or to place on a website, the following free online banner generation sites may have something to offer you. These free banner creations sites are generally for creating simple, static gif images.
Beginners Guide to Computers: Beginners guide to computers, focus on pc support.
Bigfoot: Bigfoot (peoplesearch and more, addresses, e-mail, etc.).
Charities on eBay: eBay is an excellent forum for raising money for your charity. Our experience and expertise in charity auctions means we can offer you the best service and advice.
Clean-Boot Win 98: How to perform clean-boot troubleshooting for windows 98.
CNet: Cnet is an indispensable source of knowledge about computers, the internet and technology, serving millions of users each day. Cnet features downloads, product reviews, auctions and free subscriptions.
Collector's Clubs: Collector's clubs and organizations.
Company Registry : Manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, dealerships, retailers, brokers. The company registry is restricted to companies that sell merchandise; for describing their business in full detail.
eBay Currency Convertor: The universal currency converter™ allows you to perform interactive foreign exchange rate conversion on the internet.
English Registry Marks: English registry marks (dating charts).
Flaming Text: Go here find out how to design your name/id in animations and 3-d text.
Geekaw's-part2: Geekaw's information on pottery and other collectibles.
Getting off telephone call lists: To receive fewer unsolicited telemarketing calls, you can register for the dma's telephone preference service (tps), which allows you to "opt out" of national telemarketing lists.
GoGettem DNS tools : Internet look-uptools.
Guide to Buying a Digital Camera: The following article is designed to explain the key features of digital cameras to help buyers make an educated decision about which features they need.
Honesty Picture Upload (free and easy): Honesty picture upload (free and easy).
How to Scan a Book: Many people ask, "how do I scan a book?". This article has been written to answer this question.
How To View Email Headers: Here are guides on how to get the email header information which is needed to trace emails.
Internet Press Information: What's a writer to do when he's writing a story about the internet--and barely knows what the internet is? Here at the ipg we wish that was a rhetorical question, but we know all too well that all too often journalists are thrown into net stories to sink or to swim. Another journalist may know the internet like the back of her hand, but can't find just the right fact at just the right time. For both of those cases, here's a listing of frequentally asked questions (faq) files and other information sources.
JavaScript Exploit Info: Everyone uses javascript. Is your computer safe? Js.Exception.Exploit is an exploit which allows unpatched systems to run arbitrary code if a java applet that was programmed to take advantage of the exploit is allowed to run.
Jobs at eBay: eBay australia has grown quickly thanks to the support of the australian member community and we are continuing to expand our professional and dynamic team in sydney as a result.
JunkBusters Links : Angered by bad government in 1776, Thomas Paine wrote ``Our calamities are heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer.'' Many people in 1997 who are paying to receive junk email feel the same way. We think the problem is getting more and more serious. Our contribution to reducing spam is JUNKBUSTERS SPAMOFF.
Katie-Mae's Q&A page: Links to specific ebay pages, virus fixes, search engines, clipart, how to 'snipe' and answers to many of your questions.
Laptop FAQ: Over the past 2 years we have culminated a wide array of questions asked by our customers.
Lavasoft Ad-aware Spyware Removal: Ad-aware is a free multi spyware removal utility that scans your memory, registry and hard drives for known spyware and scumware components and lets you remove them safely. It is updated frequently.
Little Yellow Post: Little yellow post (info on books and ebay ).
MAC Resources : The source for macintosh themes, desktop pictures, sound sets, startup screens, and more.
Mac Web-Hosting : Macinsearch.Com is now offering free web site hosting for macintosh related web sites. This includes sites that focus on macintosh computers and other apple computer related products.
Mystery Mail: Nehi's mystery mail (payment without name, address, etc.).
Name.Space Smart Whois: Internet look-uptools.
Need a mascot!: Welcome to drawshop.Com, the web's leading resource for custom graphics.Here, you'll find high-quality professional clipart images, custom quality drawings and hundreds of unique custom hand-drawn mascot images.
NERDS: The national electronics registry database system or nerds, is the latest weapon in australia's anti-theft campaign.
NetLingo: Internet definitions and concepts explained.
Obtain A Merchant Account: Credit card merchant account application.
Online Etiquette: Web abbreviations and symbols.
OTWA: Online traders web alliance (group for auction users).
Patent Chart: U.S. Patent dating chart. (Design patents also.).
PC Diagnostics: Currently #1-tufftest-lite™ is our only free product. It is the "lite" version of our #1-tufftest™ automatic pc diagnostics product for end users.
PC Pitstop: At pc pitstop we can help you get your pc in top form -- running fast, stable and secure. Pc pitstop runs diagnostics on your pc to identify things that might help improve performance.
PC-cillin Online Virus Scanner: The version of housecall you are about to use has been specially designed to work with the trend world virus tracking center. This is a new information tool used for tracking computer viruses worldwide in real time based on data from housecall users such as yourself.
Photography Board's Links: Leave a question - give an answer - help your fellow ebayers! Photo faq's and informative links.
Product Review Finder: Reviewfinder - thousands of product reviews on the web, including computer hardware and software, digital cameras, camcorders, tvs, vcrs, speakers, audio, and video.
RodentNet: ad hoc IP Tools: Internet look-uptools. Info Links): Numerous info links for digital tv and webtv.
SamSpade SPAM Tracer: It takes a hostname or an ip address, guesses at the domain name, and then runs some whois queries to find out who owns the domain and the block of ip addresses it lives in, and traces the route packets take to the host. : Internet look-uptools.
Search Engine Listing Tools: You've seen submission services charging hundreds of dollars to submit your web site to hundreds of web resources. Of course they don't do the bulk of this submission work manually. Here's the tool these companies use. You can download it direct and use it to submit as many urls as often as you like.
Send a Paid Press Release: The standard news release that runs about 400 words can be sent to all media in your state, plus trade publications, and also distributed to more than 3,800 websites, online services and databases for as little at $125. If targeting a national audience, you can send to more than 22,000 media points across the country for only $610.
Shields-Up: Nanoprobe technology internet security testing for windows users.
Simmtester Online Memory Tester: Cst provides the ideal memory solution for a wide range of needs - from memory faq to memory testers and diagnostic software . Learn about what's happening in the industry with the latest news and articles , or get the big picture with the site map.
SpamCon Foundation : Spamcop's original spam reporting service will help you report spam quickly and accurately. Or choose from a variety of filtering options ranging from the easiest web-mail account to advanced network-wide spam blocking.
Spamgourmet: Spamgourmet - self-destructing disposable email addresses,titanium strength spam blocking, very short learning curve.
Tell a Friend About eBay: Do you have a friend in search of something? It could be a new watch, a computer or even a rare piece of memorabilia. Here is the easiest way to help your friends find something they're interested in.
The Mavica WebRing : This caring mavica webring is exactly what you are looking for.
The State National Bank : The universal currency converter.
Tucows: Download freeware and shareware software, from the largest online software download site. Downloads for windows, macintosh, linux and pda. Download themes, games and more.
Turn HTML Off in Emails: When posting to a rootsweb mailing list, your message should be sent as "plain text." You should not send messages as html or rtf (rich text format) to a mailing list. In most instances you can control the format by adjusting the settings in your mail program.
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission: U.S. Securities and exchange commission: official federal agency website, including news, legal and other releases and reports, investor education material, and the edgar database of corporate disclosure reports.
U-Net Internet Lookup Tools : Below is a collection of internet tools, which allow you to find information about particular domain names, ip addresses, etc.
User ID's FAQ: On ebay, you are identified by your user id, your "nickname" on ebay. You can use your user id or your email to use ebay services. Below are answers to some of the questions we receive about user ids.
Using Win 98 System File Checker: You can use the system file checker to verify the integrity of your operating system files, and to restore them if they are corrupted. The system file checker also gives you a convenient way to extract compressed files (such as drivers) from your installation disks.
Video Regional Information: There are currently three standards in the world for composite, color encoded video: ntsc, pal and secam.
Virus Hoaxes: Symantec security response uncovers hoaxes on a regular basis.
W3 Schools Web Tutorials: Inside w3schools you will find a large number of free web building tutorials, from basic html and xhtml tutorials, to advanced xml, xsl and wap tutorials.
Web "Color Codes": Stop by here to find all the color codes, both by name, and rgb number.
Webgfx: Amazing free auto logo generator.
Webopedia: Internet definitions and concepts explained.
WebTV FTP Transloader : Webtv ftp transloader. Where words fail our take on, well, everything.
WhoWhere: Whowhere (locate an e-mail address, phone, address).
Win 2000 Support Center: Win 2000 support center.
Win 3.x Support Center: Win 3.X support center.
Win 95 Support Center: Win 95 support center.
Win 98 & ME Error Messages: Win 98 & me error messages.
Win 98 Device Manager Errors: Win 98 device manager errors.
Win 98 Kernel32 Errors: Win 98 kernel32 errors.
Win 98 Support Center: Win 98 support center.
Win ME Support Center: Win me support center.
Win NT 4.0 Server Support Center: Win nt 4.0 server support center.
Win NT 4.0 Workstation Support Center: Win nt 4.0 workstation support center.
Win XP Support Center: Win xp support center.
ZdNet: Cnet networks, inc. Is the world's leading source of information and services for buyers, sellers and suppliers of technology, including is/it professionals, enterprise decision makers, executives, gamers and technology shoppers.
Zone Labs Free Firewall: Millions of users have selected zonealarm as their trusted internet security solution. The award-winning personal firewall automatically blocks dangerous internet threats - known and unknown - guarding your pc from hackers and data thieves. Zonealarm provides the basic protection individuals need to secure their pc and keep their valuable information private.


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