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ABN Search: ABRpublic is an on-line database that contains the publicly available information provided by businesses when they register for an ABN.
Argentina: Global eBay site links: Argentina.
ATO- GST & Secondhand Goods: The a new tax system (goods and services tax) act 1999 allows for businesses to claim input tax credits on second-hand goods, even though gst was not payable on the supply of goods to the business. This could happen if a second-hand dealer buys goods from an unregistered person.
Australia: Global eBay site links: Australia.
Australian Customs Service: Customs derives its authority principally from the constitution, which provides for the levying of customs duties and for laws with respect to trade and commerce.
Australian Federal Government: Access to Australian commonwealth government information.
Australian Gov Electronic Commerce: More and more people are using the internet for a number of purposes, including purchasing goods and services. While the internet is a new and exciting medium, it is also important for consumers to ensure they have basic information about the business they are dealing with before entering into a transaction.
Australian Taxation Office: The Australian taxation office website, a to assist, offers information and assistance on all areas of taxation for the individual, business and tax and superannuation professional. It includes information on tax reform (including a link to the tax reform website), superannuation, taxpack, rebates, excise and has an extensive legal database with legal and policy material to aid interpretation of taxation law.
Austria: Global eBay site links: Austria.
Brazil: Global eBay site links: Brazil.
Canada: Global eBay site links: Canada.
Chile: Global eBay site links: Chile.
Columbia: Global eBay site links: Columbia.
Commonwealth Government Directory: Gold is the function and personnel directory of the australian commonwealth public service.
Commonwealth Ombudsperson: Commonwealth ombudsman, canberra, australia. The commonwealth ombudsman considers complaints from or on behalf of people who believe they have been adversely affected by the defective administration of commonwealth government departments or agencies, such as centrelink or the australian taxation office. We seek to assist the community by improving government administration.
Equador: Global eBay site links: Equador.
France: Global eBay site links: France.
Germany: Global eBay site links: Germany.
Ireland: Global eBay site links: Ireland.
Italy: Global eBay site links: Italy.
Korea: Global eBay site links: Korea.
Mexico: Global eBay site links: Mexico.
Netherlands: Global eBay site links: Netherlands.
New Zealand: Global eBay site links: New Zealand.
Product Recalls: Product recalls: product recalls.
Singapore: Global eBay site links: Singapore.
Spain: Global eBay site links: Spain.
Sweden: Global eBay site links: Sweden.
Switzerland: Global eBay site links: Switzerland.
United Kingdom: Global eBay site links: United Kingdom.
Uruguay: Global eBay site links: Uruguay.
USA: Global eBay site links: USA.
Venezuela: Global eBay site links: Venezuela.


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