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Babel Fish: Alta Vista Translations: Translator (Can be literal, check the translation)
Canadians: Dave's Information on Trading With Canadians
EscapeArtist: Index of Free Trade Zones Worldwide
Freetranslation: Language Translator (To me this is the better of the two)
International Country Codes: International Codes for E-mail and the Web
International Rate Calculator: International Postal Rate Calculator (USPS)
International Trading FAQ and Links: International Traders Board FAQ (ebay users on Int. Board)
Tessa's Foreign Payment Help: Helping Foreign Buyers Send Payment
Trade information: is the online source for international trade information products that are difficult to find, or unavailable anywhere else. Each product available on this site was either chosen as the best in its class, or created to fill a void in the marketplace.
U.K. Links: Eddie's U.K. Board helpful Links
X-rates: International Currency Exchange (Calculator and tables)


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Links & Auction Management Software

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