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About Fraud : Fraud Complaint Filing Links
Account Protection: Protecting Your eBay† Account from Identity Theft
Attorneys General Master List: Fraud Complaint Filing Links
Auction Recovery Network: Auction Recovery Network serves buyers and sellers who are having difficulties completing an online auction transaction. If you believe that you are the victim of a fraudulent auction let us bring you justice.
Auctionblacklist: List of Sellers who commit fraud, safety tips, etc.
Australian Property Protection Register: Australian Property Protection Register
Authentication & Grading FAQs: eBay Safety Techniques
Avoiding Intellectual Property Problems: Patents, copyrights and trademarks, as well as trade secrets and related rights, can be used to exclude free riders. These rights are usually collectively called "intellectual property" or IP
Basestealer: Fraud Resources for Online Auctions
Basestealer Fraud Page : Fraud Complaint Filing Links
Better Business Bureau Online Complaint Form: Fraud Complaint Filing Links
Bidding Offenses: eBay will consider the circumstances of an alleged offence and the user's trading records before taking action. Disciplinary action may range from a formal warning, up to the indefinite suspension of a user's account.
BillPoint Guide to Preventing Credit Card Chargebacks: While the vast majority of eBay Payments / Billpoint transactions go smoothly and most people are honest, the acceptance of credit cards involves the risk of fraud and chargebacks.
Billpoint Protection: Under the eBay Payments Buyer Purchase Protection Policy, all purchases with eBay Payments are fully protected! While the vast majority of eBay transactions are trouble-free, buyers can rest assured that when fraud happens, our Buyer Purchase Protection can help.
California Code: California Law consists of 29 codes, covering various subject areas, the State Constitution and Statutes. Information presented reflects laws currently in effect.
Canadian Consumer Information Gateway : This online portal gives you the tools you need to make informed decisions resulting in safe and healthy product choices. It also alerts you to recalls and scams and provides you with contacts to seek recourse.
Can't Reach your Bidder?: What if I can't reach my winning bidder?
Can't Reach your Seller?: What if I can't reach my seller?
CCIPS Reporting Internet Crime: Fraud Complaint Filing Links
Chargeback Protection for Sellers : Sellers will not be held liable for chargebacks due to fraudulent use of credit cards or false claims of non-receipt if the seller follows the rules of the Chargeback Protection Policy
Consumer Sentinel: See how law enforcement all over the world work together to fight fraud, using Consumer Sentinel, an innovative, international law enforcement fraud-fighting program.
Copyright & Trademarks: How do you know if you're infringing someone's copyright, trademark or other rights when you create your listings? To find out, look at the guidelines listed below. This list will help you determine if your item is infringing (violating copyright law) or prohibited (not allowed on eBay).
Copyright Law of the United States: Copyright Law of the United States of America and Related Laws Contained in Title 17 of the United States Code
Copyrighted Items : How do you know if you might be violating somebody's copyright when you are making, selling or buying an item?
Copyrights, Trademarks & Your Listing: How do you know if you're infringing someone's copyright, trademark or other rights when you create your listings?
Defamation: If you feel that material has been posted on our site which defames you, as defined by New South Wales law, we will investigate the allegations and take appropriate action. We have developed the following procedure for handling such claims.
Dispute Resolution: Online dispute resolution is a new, unbiased method that can help you resolve disputes that may arise involving eBay transactions.
eBay Insurance Claim Form: Fraud Complaint Filing Links
eBay Recommends Escrow for Transactions Over $500: protects both buyer and seller by acting as a trusted third-party during the transaction and managing the payment process from start to finish.
eBay's Board Usage Policy: Using the public chat, help and discussion boards on eBay can be informative, helpful and entertaining. People receive support, learn about eBay and their collecting interests, and meet new friends on the boards.
eBay's Feedback FAQs : How to use feedback effectively
eBay's Feedback Removal Policy : eBay users should use caution and good judgment when leaving feedback for another user.
eBay's Fraud and Claims Process: Most eBay transactions qualify for fraud protection, but it's always a good idea to make sure.
eBay's Fraud Protection Program - Filing a Claim: Fraud Complaint Filing Links
eBay's Investigations: The Investigations team attempts to resolve reported cases of inappropriate trading behavior. eBay will consider the circumstances of an alleged offense and the user's trading records before taking action.
eBay's Personal Offer FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Second Chance Offer.
eBay's Pre-Sale Listings : Pre-sale Listings are those that advertise the sale of items that are not in the control or possession of the seller at the time of the listing.
eBay's Privacy Policy : Privacy is very important to us. We want you to fully understand our privacy practices and therefore, in addition to this Privacy Policy, we have created Privacy Central to help you fully evaluate our practices and answer privacy questions.
eBay's SafeHarbor Fraud Complaint Form: Fraud Complaint Filing Links
eBay's Verified Rights Owner: Any person or company who holds intellectual property rights (such as a copyright, trademark or patent) which may be infringed by eBay auction listings is encouraged to become a VeRO Program Member. It's fast and its simple to do so. Current Program Members include hundreds of individuals, local, state and federal law enforcement, and companies from a wide array of industries.
Escrow: Escrow for Auctions: A safe way to Pay
FACE friends of active copyright education: Copyright in the United States is legal protection that is given to literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works created by "authors" and fixed in a tangible medium, whether such works are published or unpublished.
FBI's Internet Fraud Complaint Center: Fraud Complaint Filing Links
Feedback Offenses: eBay will consider the circumstances of an alleged offence and the user's trading records before taking action. Disciplinary action may range from a formal warning, up to the indefinite suspension of a user's account.
Fraud Complaint Form : Fraud Complaint Filing Links
Fraud Protection Program: The eBay Fraud Protection Program is a free service under which eBay may review reports of fraudulent transactions and may make an ex-gratia payment to you if eBay considers that you have been the victim of fraud and meet the necessary requirements.
Fraud Protection Program FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about eBay's Fraud Protection Program.
FTC Consumer Complaint Form : Fraud Complaint Filing Links
FTC Guide: Federal Trade Commission's† Guide to Internet Auctions
FTC's E-Commerce & the Internet: Consumer information about E-Commerce and the Internet.
FTC's Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule: A Business Guide to the Federal Trade Commissionís Mail or telephone order merchandise rule.
GREAT: Tessa's Great Tips Page for Problem Transactions, Copyright Infringement, Overseas Sales
Greatbiscotti "me" page: Fraud Complaint Filing Links
I-Certification: As a consumer, you can have confidence that i-Certified merchants are conducting business in a fair and responsible manner. All i-Certified merchants offer performance assurance, have fully disclosed their identities, and have privacy policies posted in plain language. In short, i-Certified merchants are working hard to earn your trust. Conducting business in an arena fraught with fraud and dishonesty can be very challenging. You will only succeed online, if you build trust and confidence with your consumers. If you have demonstrated integrity and are willing to conduct your business with the highest standards, you may qualify for the i-Certified seal.
ID Verify : eBay Safety Techniques
IFCC: FBI Internet Fraud Complaint Center
Insurance: Insurance Ebay Provides for Transactions
International Internet Investigators: The International Internet Investigators are NOT a Police Force or Agency but a dedicated group of Police and Law Enforcement Officers using their off-duty time with the aim of protecting the Internet users of the world, of all ages today and into the next century.
International Web Police Crime Report : International Web Police Crime report or request for assistance.
Interpol International Police : Interpol official site - International Criminal Police Organization - ICPO - Rapid access to official, controlled information.
Mail Fraud: U.S. Postal Service Mail Fraud Information
Mature Audience Material: Mature Audience Material
National Consumer Complaint Center : The National Consumer Complaint Center for Internet Fraud, False Advertising and Breached Warranties.
National Fraud Information Center: Fraud Complaint Filing Links and Basic Internet Tips.
NERDS: The National Electronics Registry Database System or Nerds, is the latest weapon in Australia's anti-theft campaign.
Non-Paying Bidder / Final Value Fee Request: This is your place to learn about eBay's Non-Paying Bidder Program and supporting features.
Obtain a User's Information: Use this form to request another member's contact information.
Official California Legislative Information: Welcome to the official site for California legislative information. This WWW site is maintained by the Legislative Counsel of California, pursuant to California law.
Paypal Buyer Protection: Although the vast majority of PayPal payments occur without problems, should an issue arise, PayPal will work to help settle disputes through our Buyer Complaint Process.
PayPal Security Center and Complaint Reporting: Fraud Complaint Filing Links
Privacy Policy: Welcome to eBay Australia and New Zealand Pty Limited's (ACN 086 288 888) ("eBay's") Privacy Policy. Your privacy is very important to us.
Product Recalls: CPSC press releases and recalls
Prohibited & Infringing Items: eBay is here to help, but you are ultimately responsible for making sure that buying or selling an item is allowed on eBay and is permitted by law.
Report Cyber Rip-Offs (Aust Government Site): Consumers should beware of unsolicited e-mail promoting get rich quick schemes, chain letters or requests for cash to be sent through the mail.
Reporting Form: Report Infringing or Prohibited items
Royal Canadian Mounted Police : The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) works with communities to ensure the safety and security of all Canadians.
Rules & Safety Overview (SafeHarbor): You've come to the right place if you want to learn more about policies and SafeHarbor, eBay's comprehensive safety resource. Find out how you can help protect yourself and what you should do when something goes wrong.
Safe bidding: Safe bidding on eBay
Safe commerce tips : Trust eBay Payments / Billpoint to put safety, security, and e-commerce muscle behind your sales transactions. But always take the time to ensure safe commerce by observing the following tips.
Safeharbor: Safeharbor: Rules & Safety
SafeShopping Tip List: Hereís a list of tips you should consult when shopping online.
Scambusters: The #1 Publication on Internet Fraud.
screen bidders: This Bidder Management tool lets you create a pre-approved bidder list for any item. Anyone who is not on this list is automatically asked to contact you by email before they can place a bid or buy your item. This lets you screen bidders.
Secure Processing: How do I know this is secure? Will my information be kept private?
Security Key: Your Security Key is simply a password used to access your eBay Payments / Billpoint account.
Seller Payment Protection: eBay Payments is making it safer than ever to sell on eBay. Now sellers are protected against bad checks and fraudulent credit card purchases. While the vast majority of eBay transactions are trouble-free, sellers can rest assured that when fraud happens, our Seller Payment Protection will help.
Seller Won't Sell?: What if I won, but my seller won't sell to me?
Selling Offences: If you've experienced any of these selling misuses, please report offences to the Investigations link below. eBay will consider the circumstances of an alleged offence and the member's trading records before taking action.
Shill Bidding: Shill Bidding: What It Is and Why It's Not Permitted on eBay.
SquareTrade: SquareTrade's free Dispute Resolution Service helps Buyers & Sellers work things out.
Templeton Copyright: A brief intro to copyright.
Tessa's Lost or Damaged: Item damaged or lost in shipping? What to do.
Tessa's Non-Paying Bidders: Some Helpful tips if you have buyers who won't pay
Tessa's Tips If you've been ripped off!: Some Helpful tips if you have been Ripped Off on Ebay Collectibles : Our International Automated Good Trader Database includes Traders/Buyers/Sellers of all Internet Items.
Transaction Complaints: The large majority of the thousands of transactions that take place every day on eBay are trouble-free. Unfortunately, however, there are occasional problems that users run into when dealing with strangers. Luckily, most of those problems can be easily resolved.
United States Copyright Office: U.S. Copyright Office is an office of public record for copyright registration and deposit of copyright material.
US Mail Fraud: The form below allows you to send a complaint to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service if you suspect you are a victim of mail fraud.
Verified Rights Owner Program: In keeping with its status as the internet's largest venue for person-to-person trading, eBay does not and cannot verify that sellers have the right or ability to sell or distribute their listed items.
Virtual Safe Trading Tour: Welcome to eBay Australia's guided tours. The upcoming tour will use sound and images to show you how eBay works.
Vrane: Feedback Sorter (view feedback by type)
Web Police: Web Police is an internationally recognized Internet Police Authority whose sole purpose is to serve and protect citizens of the Internet community throughout the world.
What eBay Isn't Telling You: A great article about 6 pages long with several links... take a look... all about ebay fraud.
What to Do If You Are Ripped Off: Online Auction Fraud - Top Warning Signs.


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