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About eBay Shops: A collection of shops offering merchandise from eBay sellers.
Auction Types: Explanation of Different Auction Types (Reserve, Dutch, etc.).
Auctiontalk: AuctionTalk AuctionFind (multiple site search)
Bid Increments: How bid Increments are computed.
Bid Retraction: Bid Retraction rules.
Bidder's Tips: Tips for Bidders.
Bidding Basics: Before bidding on an item, you will first want to learn more about the listing, the item, and the seller.
Browse a Category: eBay Category Overview (with item counts).
Browse Items Closing Today: Browse for all Items Closing Today.
Browse Items Listed Today: Browse for all Items Listed Today.
Browse Shops: Find unique items you can buy right away.
Buy It Now: Buy It Now will allow you to buy an item immediately at a set price. No bidding or waiting for an auction to end.
Buy It Now FAQ: Buy It Now frequently asked questions.
Buyer Tutorial: Checkout: makes transactions smoother
Buying Tips: As a potential Buyer you can protect yourself against fraud.
Buying Tutorial: Automated Buying Tutorial.
Cancel Bids on My Item : Cancel Bids on My Item
Escrow Services: Escrow for safe trading.
Favorite Searches: Favorite Searches (Store your favorite searches on eBay)
Favorite Searches: You can now store up to 15 of your favorite searches in My eBay.
Find Items: Search For Items to Bid On or in eBay Stores
Global Buying: This section can help you learn how to find items from around the world.
GST Policy: Due to Government enacted legislation, from 1 July 2000 items bought and sold by Australians may be subject to a goods and services tax ("GST").
How can I cancel an unwanted bid? : Sellers may cancel bids if they have good reason to. Our bid cancellation page shows you how and gives a few examples of valid reasons.
How to Bid to Be Sure That You Win the Auction: If you find an item that you simply must have - no matter what, there is really only one way to be sure that you win the auction.
How To Snipe: First - what is sniping? Sniping is bidding last minute. In some cases, it is "last-second" bidding. Someone may be the only bidder on an item for days and feel sure they were going to get that item. Someone else comes along just near the end and outbids them.
Local Trading: Local Trading is a great way to buy and sell those things that you just need to see or pick up yourself! Big things. Fragile things. Things that need a test drive. Things that are essentially local - like concert tickets or hotel rooms. So try out Local Trading today.
Make a Single Payment : You can make a single payment here
My eBay: View all your bidding and selling activities in one location.
Non Paying Bidders: This is your place to learn about eBay's Non-Paying Bidder Program and supporting features.
Non-Binding Bid Policy: Certain types of items cannot be sold through the auction or fixed price format on our site.
Payment Options: So, you've won the item of your dreams. Now you are wondering about the different payment options the seller accepts.
Permanently Closing Your eBay Account : Should you wish to close your eBay account (User ID) permanently, we will be happy to oblige your request.
Proxy Bidding: Explanation of Proxy Bidding. eBay bids for you to your max
Retract Bids: Retracting your bid (to be used only for legitimate reasons)
Searching for Items: Can't find what you're looking for?
Top 10 Tips for successful bidding: Top 10 Tips for successful bidding
The Best Ways To Not Overpay For Items: We know you'd pay just about any price to add that special item to your collection, but don't let anyone else know that!
Tips for After you Win: Below are some helpful services and tips that you might use after your auction has ended.
Trading Assistants: Trading Assistants are experienced eBay sellers who have indicated their willingness to sell your items for you on eBay for a fee.
Virtual Buying Tour: Virtual Buying Tour to show you how eBay works.
What Happens After you Win: So you're a winning bidder or you've sold your item. Now what do you do?
When is the Best Time to Go Shopping?: When is the Best Time to Go Shopping on eBay? Learn when to shop to pay the least, find the most of what you collect, and waste less time. We've got lots of secrets for eBay buyers and sellers, old pros and newbies alike, and our secrets are free.


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