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7-9 Minute Narrated "How to" Tours for eBay Sellers: eBay education: attend eBay university.
A Little Etiquette, Please: Whether you are a new buyer or an experienced buyer, a new seller or an experienced seller, or a visitor, you need to remember that we are all just people.
Account Status: Check your account status.
Add to the Items Description: Adding to your item description.
Add to your Item's Description: Sign in and to your item's description.
Affiliate: eBay affiliate program.
Basic Bookkeeping Information: Linda's bookkeeping for eBay.
Basics of selling on eBay: Selling on eBay is fun and easy. For as little as 30 cents you can list your item on eBay and market it to millions of potential buyers. Before getting into the mechanics of how to start your own listings on eBay, there are a few things you should know.
Bidder Management: Bidder block & pre-approved bidder list.
Blocking or Preapproving Bidders: Sellers: use the following tools to manage which users can or cannot bid on your items. Note: please use these features cautiously as they may limit the number of bids on your items.
Bold Listings: The bold option adds instant emphasis to your listings.
Buy It Now: Buy it now allows you to buy or sell your items instantly at a set price.
Buy It Now FAQ: Buy it now frequently asked questions.
Cancel an Unwanted Bid: Sellers may cancel bids if they have good reason to.
Categories & Category Numbers (Australia): eBay category overview (with category numbers)
Categories & Category Numbers (USA): categories & category numbers (usa)
Change your Items Category: eBay members, sign in to save time for bidding, selling, and other activities.
Checkout Seller Tutorial: Checkout: makes transactions run smoother.
Common HTML Tags: Common html tags for eBay use.
Copyrights, Trademarks & Your Listing: Someone copying your photos or auction text?
Counters: A free tool that counts visits to your listing.
Credit Card: Place or update your credit card for your eBay account.
Direct Pay for seller fees: eBay direct pay: sellers fees deducted from checking.
Dlrlr's 10 Rules for selling: Are you frustrated trying to get items listed?
eBay Auction Secrets: Sellers are getting rich on eBay simply by selling secrets to people just like you. Many secrets for buying or selling on eBay are right here on these pages, for free.
eBay Payments: eBay payments offers the most competitive rates and full range of services you can expect online.
eBay Payments Fees: eBay payments offers two types of accounts: standard accounts are available to all eBay sellers. Merchant accounts are available to qualified high-volume sellers with high positive feedback scores and a minimum of six months on eBay. There are no setup fees, monthly fees, or minimum charge requirements.
eBay Shops: Open your own shop and display all of your items alongside one of the biggest brand names in the world, eBay!
eBay store: Start today with a 30-day free subscription for your eBay store.
eBay Store Info: Information on eBay stores.
eBay trading assisntants program!: Trading assistants are eBay sellers who can sell your items on eBay for a fee. Save time by finding one below:
eBay Trading Assistant Program: want someone to sell things on eBay for you? Want to earn extra income selling for others?
eBay's rules about scalping.: The resale price of tickets to entertainment events (including sporting events, concerts, and plays) is regulated for residents of some states, provinces and municipalities. To assist users and promote lawful ticket sales, eBay has identified some states that regulate event ticket sales below.
End your Auction Early: Ending your auction early.
Ending Auction Early: Ending auction early (cancel bids if you aren't going to sell).
Escrow: An escrow service can help ensure a safe and pleasant transaction between the buyer and seller, especially when a large sum is changing hands.
Feature your Item: Revise your listing or add features to get more bids.
Featured Plus! Listings: Give your listing stand-out placement in both category lists and search results!
Fees: Listing and final value fees for eBay.
Final Value Fee Credit Request Form: Final value fee credit request (second step, 10 days after).
Find Members: Use this form to request another user's contact information.
Fix Gallery Image: Fix gallery image.
Gallery Featured Listings: Choose this promotional option and your item will periodically appear in the special featured section above the general gallery. Your picture will be almost double the size of general gallery pictures and will also appear in the general gallery below.
Gallery Listings: Let bidders see your item photo when they search and browse!
Global Selling: eBay encourages you to sell your items to thousands of users from more all over the world. Use the following information to learn how to effectively sell to eBay's global community.
GST Policy: Due to government enacted legislation, from 1 july 2000 items bought and sold by australians may be subject to a goods and services tax ("gst").
Highlighted Listings: The highlight option emphasises your listing with an eye-catching coloured band.
Home Page Featured Listings: Get the highest level of visibility on eBay!
How to Drive Customers Away: How to drive customers away, add handling charges and packing supplies.
How To Get The Highest Prices For Your Items: How to get the highest prices for your items, learn how to sell for much more, how to buy for much less, how to snipe, and more. We've got lots of other eBay secrets for old pros and newbies, and they're all free.
How to Insure Your Bid Against Snipers: Learn how to protect your bid on eBay against snipers. There is only one way. We've got that and lots of other secrets for buyers and sellers, old pros and newbies alike, and they're all free.
HTML Tips: Learning a little code can add a lot of polish to your listing.
Keyword Spamming: You may not be aware of this but "key word spamming" is not allowed on eBay. Often times sellers are not aware that the way in which they have created their listing, or described their item results in key word spamming.
Link Buttons to Promote your Listing: If you have your own web page, you can use these buttons to link your visitors to eBay!
Listing Fees: At eBay, there is no charge to browse, bid on or buy items.
Listing Policies: eBay's guidelines for listing items are outlined in the eBay user agreement. To help members properly list items on eBay, we've highlighted some listing policies and describe how eBay handles listing violations when they are reported.
Listing Policies: What can you sell, and how?
Make a Personal Offer: Frequently asked questions about second chance offer.
Mature Audience Material: Under Australian law it may be a criminal offence for you to buy or sell certain types of publications, films and computer games.
Mister Lister (Australia): Mister Lister allows you to list dozens of different items at one time, instead of listing them one by one.
Mister Lister Composer Help: You've come to the right place if you've downloaded mister lister composer bulk upload software and need step-by-step instructions.
Mr. Lister: Mr. Lister (eBay's bulk listing tool, loads multiple auctions).
Multiple Item (Dutch) Listings: Do you have multiple, identical items for sale? Sell them quickly and easily!
Non Paying Bidder Alert Form: Non paying bidder alert (starts the process for credit).
Non-Paying Bidder Policy: eBay non-paying bidder policy.
Payment Options : Choose your payment option to pay eBay fees.
Permanently Closing Your eBay Account : Permanently closing your eBay account.
Personal Offer: Personal offer (for 2nd bidder if high bidder doesn't pay).
Picture Pack: eBay picture services picture pack big exposure, low price!
Picture Services: eBay picture services (image hosting).
Picture Services FAQ: eBay picture services help & faq.
Power Sellers: As the pillars of our community, powersellers are committed to upholding and embracing the core community values that are the very foundation of eBay.
Presale Listings: Pre-sale listings are those that advertise the sale of items that are not in the control or possession of the seller at the time of the listing.
Private Listings: Protects bidders'—and the buyer's—privacy.
Prohibited, Questionable & Infringing Items: Find out if your item is allowed by following the bulleted steps below. As an eBay user, you are ultimately responsible for making sure that buying or selling your item(s) is legal in the eyes of the law.
Relisting an Item: Typically, the majority of transactions on eBay are completed successfully! But, if your item doesn't sell the first time around, all is not lost.
Sell Your Item: Enter your user id and password to start selling.
Seller's Assistant: Seller's assistant (auction management software by eBay).
Seller's Checklist: To make listing your item a smooth and successful process, go through this checklist.
Seller's tips: Ready to get the most out of your eBay selling experience? Check out the suggestions we've gleaned from our millions of experienced sellers.
Selling Example: By the way, this is how I list mine.
Selling FAQ: Below are some answers to questions that sellers usually ask us.
Selling Formats: Choose which selling format is best for you.
Selling Tips: Below are some helpful services and tips that you might use after your auction has ended.
Selling Tutorial: Selling tutorial online tour.
Shipping Education Center: Information and tips on shipping
Slideshow Pictures: brings your item to life for bidders.
State tax requirements: Linda's state sales tax requirements for eBay.
Store Builder: Open an eBay store (fixed price format).
Supersize Pictures: Give bidders a closer look!
Tips for a Better Relisting: eBay charges a listing fee when you relist your item. If your auction item did not sell the first time around, and it sells when you list it a second time, we will automatically refund the relisting fee.
Title Bar Pictures: Feature your picture at the top of your listing.
Trading Assistants: Trading assistants are experienced eBay sellers who have indicated their willingness to sell your items for you on eBay for a fee.
TransRow: Trans row inc. Bidder verification services.
View Account Status : You can view your eBay account here.
Vrane: Power tools for eBay users very useful to automate tasks.
When is the Best Time to List Your Items?: When is the best time to list your items on eBay? And times to avoid to get the most sales and highest prices on eBay. We've got lots of secrets for eBay buyers and sellers, old pros and newbies alike, and our secrets are free.
Where is your Item (US): Use this form to find exactly where your item is listed. Enter an "item number" and hit "submit" to show auction locations.
Wholesale Secrets: According to the following ad, you can find the secret places to buy things wholesale and make a living on eBay.


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